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Title Photostability of Bacteriochlorophyll in Protein Complexes: Photoproducts, and protective function of carotenoids
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Author(s) Leenawaty Limantara
Series Title
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Language Indonesia
Publisher Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung/foundation Einfűhrungstagung Bonn 19.-21. April 2005. hal 144
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Collation Koleksi elektronik
Abstract/Notes Novel conjugates of bacteriochlorophyll (BChD a and its derivatives with polypeptides have considerable potential for use in photomedicala nd biotechnologicala pplications, as well as for constructing self-organizing photoactive nano-structures. They have many advantages over conventional pigments, including intense light absorption in the favorable near-infrared spectral range, low dark toxicity, flexibility of modification and variable modes of action which can be tailored to specific functions. Their full potential is largely unexplored, however, because of their poor accessibility and their lability. Accessibility has been improved recently using aerobic purple bacteria as source for the pigment: The proposed research addresses their lability, in particular in the light. Bacteriochlorophyll is rapidly photo-degraded in solution, but stability is much increased in natural pigment-protein complexes and also in certain detergents. The presence or absence of carotenoids, and the type of carotenoid present, are of particular importance. However, the mechanisms of photodamageo f the BChl-derivatives and of the protection by the carotenoids are largely unknown, and other environmental effects are practically untapped. It is planned to study, under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, the kinetics of BChl degradation and photoprotective function of carotenoids in the purple bacterial reaction centers and antennas, as well as the structure of the degradation products of both BChl and the carotenoids
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