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Title Bound analysis for WRR scheduling in a statistical multiplexer with bursty sources
Edition Volume 12, Numbers 2-3
Call Number
ISBN/ISSN 1018-4864
Author(s) Koohong Kang
Series Title Telecommunication Systems
GMD Electronic Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer Netherlands
Publishing Year 1999
Publishing Place Netherlands
Collation 25p
Abstract/Notes Among various cell scheduling schemes for ATMnetworks, weighted round-robin (WRR)
seems a promising algorithm for explicit bandwidth allocation [15]. In this paper, we present
a method for analyzing a discrete-time queueing model of a statistical multiplexer with contiguous
slot assignments, deterministic vacations, and bursty input sources, which serves as
a bound analysis for WRR scheduling in ATM networks. Similar models have been studied
as well in the context of TDMA (time division multiple access) schemes with multiple
contiguous slots assigned per frame [3,16]. For the model under study, after establishing an
expression for the probability generating function (pgf) of the system contents, we derive
closed-form expressions for performance measures such as the expected value, and an asymptotic
approximation for the tail probabilities of the system contents distribution. Also,
after examining the cell delay, we formulate the pgf of the cell delay in a closed form in
terms of the system contents pgf. The numerical results obtained for the system contents
and cell delay distributions illustrate that they match with simulation results extremely well,
especially in the low probability area. We also discuss the impact of the slot assignment
cycle of WRR on the system performance.
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