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Title Process Quality Planning of Quality Function Deployment for Carrot Syrup
Call Number
ISBN/ISSN 978-0735415294
Author(s) Sunday Noya
Yurida Ekawati
Filemon Widjaja
Subject(s) Process Quality Planning
Carrot Syrup
Series Title
GMD Prosiding Ilmiah Internasional
Language English
Publisher American Institute of Physics, Applied Physics Letters
Publishing Year 2017
Publishing Place New York
Abstract/Notes Carrot products are rarely available in the market. Based on previous research that had been done using QFD to generate product design of carrots products, the research to produce the process quality planning had been carried out. The carrot product studied was carrot syrup. The research resulted in a process planning matrix for carrot syrup. The matrix gives information about critical process plan and the priority of the critical process plan. The critical process plan on the production process of carrot syrup consists of carrots sorting, carrots peeling, carrots washing, blanching process, carrots cutting, the making of pureed carrots, filtering carrot juice, the addition of sugar in carrot juice, the addition of food additives in carrot juice, syrup boiling, syrup filtering, syrup filling into the bottle, the bottle closure and cooling. The information will help the design of the production process of carrot syrup.
Specific Detail Info AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1855: Green Process, Material, and Energy: A Sustainable Solution for Climate Change; Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Industrial Application (ICETIA 2016)
File Attachment
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