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Title A band-type network model for the time-series problem used for IC leadframe dam-bar shearing process
Edition Volume 40, Numbers 11-12
Call Number
ISBN/ISSN 0268-3768
Author(s) Zone-Ching Lin
Dar-Yuan Chang
Series Title The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
GMD Electronic Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer London
Publishing Year 2009
Publishing Place London
Collation 15p
Abstract/Notes Progressive shearing process of a thin metal sheet
is regarded as one of the most important fabrication
processes in the 3C industry. In this process, the problem
of punch wear is a time-series issue that would be changed
along with the increase of time and deciding the size of the
punched hole. This study proposes a neural network to
modeling the time-series problem involving three kinds of
presentations. First, the time-characteristic diagram is plotted
based on the characteristic values that the network inferred.
Second, the characteristic value of the un-examined time
could be derived by network inferring. Third, a band-type
diagram is built to present the possible variation range of the
characteristic analyzed. Two cases of punch wearing band
and punched hole bands for IC (integrated circuit) leadframe
dam-bar shearing process are discussed to demonstrate the
construction of the network model. The verification experiments
show that the network inferring results are in
agreement with the actual process, and derive more accurate
predictions than that of the curve-fitting methods commonly
used in engineering.
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