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Title Simple and Universal Theory of Namespace and Its Relationshop of Repetition Using For(): How It Affects the Design of Nusa Programming Language
Call Number
ISBN/ISSN 1412-9523
Author(s) Bernaridho I. Hutabarat
Paulus Lucky Tirma Irawan
Subject(s) programming concept
programming language
Series Title
GMD Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional
Language Indonesia
Publisher Fakultas Ilmu Komputer - UPH
Publishing Year 2011
Publishing Place Jakarta
Abstract/Notes The Basic and general semantics of namespace are left implicit in many standards, especially the semantics of namespace that is related to the operation for(). No programming-language standard contains simple and universal theory of namespace. All the standards consulted in this paper present language dependent and complicated theory of namespace.This paper proposes the simple and universal of namespace; without the reliance to keyword, and independent toward particular programming-language. The theory is enriched with the common semantics of namespace related to repetition using operation for(). These common semantics have never been published in research papers, to the best of author's knowledge. The method of proving the theory is by writing source-code in several modern programming-languages: C, C#,C++,Basic, and Delphi; with the same semantics. Based on the findingson the applicability of the theory, design decission about the namespace in NUSA Programming Language is made. The simplest theory examine the constructs present in all programming languages: block and repetition using counter.The repetition using counter is named for in high level programming language. For the universality of the theory, the representative programming languages represent different ability with regards to Nested unnamed block and named block AND the ability to declare or define objects inside the nested unnamed block. The first resut of this paper is the accurate, simple, and universal definition of namespace. The second result is the simple and universal theory of namespace. The third result is the implementation of namespace in NUSA programming-language
Specific Detail Info Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Komputer Volume 7 Nomor 2 Maret 2011
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