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Title Mata Daun: A Mobile Application for Measuring Chlorophylls and Nitrogen Content of Soybean Leaf
Call Number
Author(s) Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo
Leenawaty Limantara
Prihastyanti N.U.P.
Tantono C
Adhiwibawa M.A.S
Prilianti K.R.
Subject(s) photosynthesis
Image detection
Plant Leaf Detection
Series Title
GMD Prosiding Ilmiah Internasional
Language English
Publisher MRCPP
Publishing Year 2013
Publishing Place Malang
Abstract/Notes Agriculture and plantation are two among several main production sectors in Indonesia. However, Indonesia is still importing soybean due to the lack of agronomic 'knowledge among its local farmers. In this paper, a new mobile application called "Mata Daun" is presented to help soybean farmers to justify the need of fertilizer that is based on plant nutrition state. This mobile application uses RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) image, which is captured by mobile phone camera to estimate the state of soybean leaf chlorophyll and nitrogen. Using digital image processing, the RGB image was then converted into Enhanced Color Visibility (ECV) Index. A mathematical model was then employed to calibrate ECV with respect to the concentration of chlorophyll and nitrogen in soybean leaf. The real value of chlorophyll and nitrogen concentration was determined using Konica Minolta SPAD-502 and Satake Agriexpert CCN-6000, respectively. 'fhe resulted mathematical model from the calibration process indicates that ECV has strong relationship with chlorophyll concentration (R2= 0. 72) and with nitrogen concentration (R2= 0.70), respectively. Field examinations, conducted to confirm the model, showed that the ECV index also has strong relationship with soybean leaf chlorophyll and nitrogen concentration on the field. On the field experiment,
{ ECV was not influenced by illumination changes because of the color correction
'mechanism in the ECV algorithm. By using this mobile application, we hope
Indonesian farmer can improve their soybean crop productivity
Specific Detail Info 2nd Natural Pigments Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA), Malang, July 12-13
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