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Katalog Online Perpustakaan Universitas Ma Chung Villa Puncak Tidar N-01 Malang - Jawa Timur.

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Title Raw Material and Facial Mask Prototype Stability with Combination of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa-Chlorophyllin and Spirulina Platensis-Chlorophyll
Call Number
Author(s) Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo
Leenawaty Limantara
Marcelinus A.S. Adhiwibawa
Sumpana A.F
Subject(s) Chlorella
Natural product
Series Title
GMD Prosiding Ilmiah Internasional
Language English
Publisher MR UMARGIONO, S.Pd
Publishing Year 2013
Publishing Place Malang
Abstract/Notes Facial mask is a cosmetic which gives direct positive effect to skin. Ch/ore/la pyrenoidosa powder, Spirulina platensis powder and chlorophyllin were used as active ingredient, they contain chlorophyll pigments, which are beneficial to the skin. Utilization of Ch/ore/la pyrenoidosa powder and Spirulina platensis powder on the product prototype were kept on the intact system to maintain the stability of its pigments. Chlorophyllin is a chlorophyll derivative that has been modified through exchange in its central atom in order to make the chlorophyllin becomes more stable to light, temperature and pH. This study develops combination of Ch/ore/la pyrenoidosa-chlorophyllin and Spirulina p/atensis• chlorophyllin. The purpose of this study is to test the stability of raw material and product prototype. The test on this study is adapted to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). The process making of product prototype is divided into two steps i.e. the synthesis of chlorophyllin and the mixing ingredients. The ratio for Ch/ore/la pyrenoidosa-chlorophyllin mixed and Spirulina p/atensis-chlorophyllin
mixed are 1 :0,025 (...,/:.;.,) and 1 :0,01 ('vi.,,). The SNI based examinations result
that both prototypes have passed the standard test, i.e. the description test, microbial contamination test and active substances test. The stability test was conducted on the irradiation treatment (15 Watt) and temperature (4°C, 25°C and
65°C). The observation was done by measuring at the degradation of pigments, change of color and pH.upon irradiation at 15 Watt, the prototype containing Spirulina powder showed higher chlorophyll degradation as•compare to the other samples. Upon the exposure of heat (65°C), most of the product degrades significantly. During the stability test, the color changes were observed based on their brightness (L*), the redness (a*) and the yellowness (b*). The intensity of the color changes depends on the type of sample and the treatment received. When the prototype were exposed to 15 Watt irradiation, at 4•c and 25°C, it shows the increase of pH. Whereas the decrease of pH was observed when sample at 65°C.
Specific Detail Info 2nd Natural Pigments Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA), Malang, July 12-13
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