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Title Innovation in Making Process and Packaging of Natural Shower Gel with Honey and Extract of Citrullus Lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum & Nakai
Call Number
Author(s) Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo
Leenawaty Limantara
Ariningrum R.D.
Subject(s) product development
Natural product
Series Title
GMD Prosiding Ilmiah Internasional
Language English
Publisher MRCPP
Publishing Year 2013
Publishing Place Malang
Abstract/Notes Most of synthetic soap which is available in the public market is not safe for health because of its dangerous ingredients that can harm our skin. This phenomenon insults an innovation of natural shower gel products from natural ingredients which are good for skin health. In this study, a natural shower gel formula will be composed by using VCO as the main ingredients for soap base, honey as antibacterial agents and watermelon extracts which contains a lot of lycopene. Due the aim of this research to create an innovation in composing formulation and packaging of the natural shower gel soap, knowing the most suitable soap gelling agents, and testing the quality of the natural shower gel based on SNI qualifications are important. There are two kinds of gelling agents used to be compared, ammonium polyphosphates and stearic acid. The result shows natural shower gel formulation which was added by 4,5% ammonium
~ polyphosphates pass all SNI qualifications, pH is 9, 1, viscosity is 36 dPa, density is 1,06 g/ml, percentage of free fatty acid contains is 2,81%, and microbial contamination number is s 10 colony/g. SPSS analysis of organoleptic test shows
that most of panelists like the shower gel formulation with ammonium polyphosphates more than another shower gel formulation. In other circumstances, the shower gel formulation with stearic acid could not pass SNI qualifications, because it contains higher fatty acid content than standard fatty acid content of SNI. In conclusion, shower gel with amonium polyphosphate is more potential to be used comercially because it has better quality
Specific Detail Info 2nd Natural Pigments Conference for South-East Asia (NP-SEA), Malang, July 12-13
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