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Subject : "Light-harvesting complex"
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Adaptation of the Photosynthetic Unit of Purple Bacteria to Changes of Ligtht Illumination Intensities
Author(s) : Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo - Leenawaty Limantara - Heriyanto - Monika Nur Utami Prihastyanti
Light-harvesting LH2 complexes with multiple polypeptide compositions and application of biomaterial for hybrid organic electronic system
Author(s) : Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo - R.J. Cogdell - S. Mackowski - L. Bujak - Leenawaty Limantara - Indriatmoko - L. Luer - M.N.U. Prihastyanti
Monitoring fluorescence of individual chromophores in peridinin-chlorophyll-protein complex using single molecule spectroscopy
Author(s) : S. Wormke - S. Mackowski - H. Scheer - C. Brauchle - E. Hofmann - A. Zumbusch - C. Jung - R.G. Hiller - ta - M. Ehrl
Fluorescence spectroscopy of reconstituted peridinin-chlorophyll-protein complexes
Author(s) : Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo - S. Wormke - S. Mackowski - H. Scheer - C. Brauchle
The light intensity under which cells are grown controls the type of peripheral light-harvesting complexes that are assembled in a purple photosynthetic bacterium
Author(s) : Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo - Richard J. Cogdell - Alastair T. Gardiner - Aleksander W. Roszak - Aaron M. Collins - Andrew Gall - Robert E. Blankenship
Absorption Enhancement in Peridinin-Chlorophyll-Protein Light-Harvesting Complexes Coupled to Semicontinuous Silver Film
Author(s) : Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo - Sebastian Mackowski - Dawid Piatkowski - Hugo Scheer - Mikolaj K. Schmidt - Nikodem Czechowski - Piotr Nyga